How To Attend A Google Hangout

Hi Rhonda here with hey help me Rhonda today I want to show you how to attend a Google hangout now normally to attend a Google hangout you will get an invitation either by email which will be a link or a notice or you will have a Google hangout notification come up on your Google Plus account now if you’ve never been into Google Plus you can see it when you’re logged into Google now you have a Google Plus account if you have a gmail email so if you already have a gmail email then that is what you log into Google with if you don’t have that then you will need to create a Google account and create a gmail account it’s very simple to do just go
to and it will walk you through the steps now once you’re logged
into Google you will see a plus sign and your name and if you click on that that’s gonna take you to Google Plus and this is where you will attend hangouts and you’ll see that hangouts show show up over to the side you can also see start a hangout and normally when someone invites you into a video hangout you will see it down here in this area as well now once you get a link to join a Google hangout to your email or notification and you click to join the hangout I’m gonna show you what that looks like so I’ve got a Google hangout link and I’m just gonna paste it into my browser and now the actual hangout is coming up so you can see I’m joining the Hangout and it asked me to agree to the terms so I’m gonna click there and then you just click OK got it and then the hangout is going to open up and you can click on join and you will see that different things
will open up if there’s no one else on
the video call then you will see this
message here and it’ll give you a few
things that you can do while you’re
waiting for everyone else to show up you
will also see a box down here in the
corner this box is you and it shows your
camera now if you don’t want to show
your camera you can click this icon
right up here at the top with the X
through the camera and what that will do
is just put your icon up now you can
also mute yourself while you’re on the
Google hangout so if you click on this
icon here to mute your microphone it
will mute your microphone I’m not going
to do it because I don’t want to mute my
microphone and then you guys can’t hear
me so those are some things you can do
if you’re not having good connections
then you can click on the adjust
bandwidth usage and you just want to
make sure that is that the highest
possible so that you’re getting good
bandwidth and everyone can hear you now
by rule it’s it’s best to be hardwired
in when you’re on a Google hangout so
you if you can connect an ethernet cord
directly to your computer that’s going
to give you a better signal and it’s
going to give you a better video then if
you use just your Wi-Fi so that’s
another thing that you may want to
consider now everyone who’s in the
Hangout you will see lined up down here
in boxes and you can all talk to one
another also there is a chat option so
if you click on the blue and white chat
icons here then you will see a chat box
that comes up over to the right-hand
side and you can enter a chat in there
and then only the people who are in here
this is called a filmstrip down at the
bottom only the people in the film strip
will see your chat
here and as people come in you’ll see
that this waiting for people to join
will go away and then you can talk to
everyone now good etiquette is if you
are not if you’re not the one talking at
the time then it’s a good idea to go
ahead and mute yourself so that there’s
not a lot of background noise going on
why others are talking and then just
remember to unmute yourself when you
want to ask a question or you want to
join the conversation
also if others are talking and you want
to get a question in or you’re joining a
workshop and you want to ask a question
that’s not a voice question then you can
type it in over into the chat box here
and once the Google hangout if you’re
doing like a Google hangout for a
meeting or a workshop that lasts a while
and you go to take a break you don’t
have to hang up the Google hangout you
can just leave the Google hangout up and
it will stay up for you and you could
just turn your camera off you can mute
yourself and then go do whatever you
want to do take a break and then come
back and the Google hangout is still up
another thing to to remember that really
makes your Google hangout the quality is
if you attend the hangout and open the
Hangout in Safari so the Safari browser
is actually made by Google and that is
going to make the browser work a lot
better it’s also a good idea to come
just a few minutes early before your
hangout starts so that you can test your
audio and your video and make sure
everything looks good if you do come
into the Hangout and your audio or your
video is not working the way that it
should and you’ve tried adjusting your
audio on your computer you’ve tried
adjusting your headset and things like
that then you can try going
out of the Hangout by clicking on the
red phone and then coming back into the
hangout and usually you can just come
back into the Hangout by clicking on the
link that you were sent before and then
also this link here will get you back
into the Hangout as well so you can copy
this link when you first go in so that
you know where you’re supposed to go if
you do get disconnected or you do need
to leave the Hangout
then you can come right back in and
that’s the basics of attending a Google
hangout so I hope that you enjoy Google
Hangouts for meeting with friends or
colleagues attending workshops it’s
always a great way to do that because
you’re face to face so those are the
basics for attending your Google hangout
I hope you enjoyed it