Why Suzanne Evans 10K Club Doesn’t Work

Rhonda Wall Online Business MangerWhen Your “Hell Yeah” turns to “What the Hell”

I just met a couple new recruits to Suzanne Evans 10K Club. They walked out of the conference hall looking charged up and wondering “What the hell”…did I just do and what do I do next? You know what you did. You took the first step. The first step to being on that award stage in 2014; music blaring, everyone clapping balloons falling and knowing that the investment you made in yourself and your business has finally paid off.

What did some do that others did not?

In the middle of all the fanfare, I noticed something.  And it got me thinking.  There were thirty winners on that stage.  Thirty 10K Club members who got their “Hell Yeah” on.  And there were more than a hundred others, who were still in the process.
Well, that made me think.  If this 10k Club works so well, then why didn’t all of the 200 people who signed up reach the 6 figures? It can’t be because it doesn’t work, because if it didn’t work, then no one would have reached it, right?

So what is it that these winners did that made them so successful?  Were they smarter?  Did they have better products? Did they work harder?  I don’t think so.  I think they did something a lot simpler than that.

It Takes A Village!

They trusted Suzanne, her team and her process.  And they knew, that they couldn’t do it alone. They walked out of the event focused on their goal and determined to follow through with the actions outlined.
The one that stands out to me, was covered in the first hour of the Be The Change Event – “You only do 20% of the work and let your team do the rest”.  I know, this is easier said than done.  You say you’re going to do it.  But when you get back to reality, life gets in the way.

Like what?  Let’s start with the ones I hear most often.

Money,: or the lack thereof. You just went out on a limb to join the 10K Club and now the thought of spending even more money to hire a team seems unreasonable.

Ego: You say to yourself. “I don’t need a team, I can do all of this myself, I’m educated and motivated, I know “enough” about this, that I can figure it out. I got this.

Knowledge: You KNOW you need help, but don’t know where to go and get it.

How to ditch the devil inside

If you’re a new 10K Club member you’ve got a mess of things on your checklist and if you don’t get on it, there will be no balloons for you.
Here are just a few tips that you can start thinking about that will help you overcome those devilish details that are going to hold you back when you get home.

How to build a virtual team that works for you

You can’t do it all.  The first step is to figure out what you do best and then get someone else to do the rest.  It’s not as hard as you think.  There are actually people who specialize in this kind of thing.  They are called online business managers.  And they don’t cost as much as you think, but they can really add to your bottom line.

Use your 10K Club Community and ask for referrals.  If you come up empty (and I don’t think you will), you can search outsourcing resources like oDesk, eLance and Freelancer.  I recommend starting with a title search such as; “virtual assistant” or “marketing assistant”, you can also search by services offered, like; shopping cart setup, product launch, online marketing,
Schedule a phone or skype interview.  Be prepared with a list of questions that are focused on your goals and your audience.

3 simple tips to finding the ideal Online Business Manager for you

•    You have to give up control of every little detail.  You can’t micro-manage.  You need to find someone that you trust to hand over the control of the process you’re looking to outsource.  Remember, this is something you aren’t good at or like to do.  So don’t try.
•    Be open to change and trying new things.  A good Online Business Manager listens to you and identifies your strong points and is smart enough to let you play in your strength.  She will create a unique strategy that leverages your strengths and minimizes your stress.
•    Work the strategy.  Remember this is a team effort.  Online Business Managers will do much of the heavy lifting.  But you have to deliver on your end of the deal. This is your brand, your product and your tribe.  You are the star of the show and you need to act like one.

So here’s what I want you to get.  They key to starting your power team is to hire a good Online Business Manager (OBM), also known as a VA or Virtual Assistant on steroids.  They will work your vision, your goals and your strategy and help you hire the rest of your team.

Now you’re well on your way to getting your “Hell Yeah”?

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