The Ugly Truth About Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula

If you are reading this then most likely you are interested in doing Jeff Walkers product launch program. That’s wonderful, but before you get started on this “Easy” launch process, you need to know the ugly truth. Below are the most common questions people have about launching a product online.

Is it really that easy?

NO! it’s not easy. I get calls on a weekly basis from people who have watched Jeff Walker talk about his launch formula and they say, oh he made it look so easy. Well, really he didn’t, he doesn’t promise an “easy” launch, I have watched his videos too and I think most people miss the part where he shows his launches and process, it was not his first launch that was a 6 figure launch, it was more like his 4th or 5th launch that was 6 figure and that one, was a JV launch, meaning he had others helping him promote his launch to their list.

Can you launch your product right away?

Again, NO, you are not going to setup a successful launch overnight. This is something else people miss in Jeff’s videos, if you watch the video again you will hear Jeff say, that it takes him and his team about 4 months, to get everything setup for a launch. This is why he offers his course on setting up a launch, because there are many things involved, that he has to teach you over time, if this is something you want to to tackle on your own. You need to learn systems and tools, that are used in a Product launch, like webinar and video programs and website and landing page systems and programs, email marketing, social media marketing and so on. I have clients call me and say hey I want to do a Jeff Walker launch and I want to launch tomorrow… ummm well that’s not going to happen, not on my reputation. I would never throw together a product launch in a day, it would be a mess and I don’t want my reputation attached to that and neither should you.

Will I actually have a 6 Figure Launch?

This really depends on a lot of factors, but the most logical answer is NO! If this is your first product launch and you have a small list and no JV partners, then no, you are not going to have a 6 figure launch. This should not stop you from doing your product launch though. Even as Jeff Walker himself says in his videos, he started with a small list on his first launch and it wasn’t a 6 figure launch, but he kept on and launched again and again, each time with even more people on his list and finally built a reputation and was able to get JV partners to help him, which then created a 6 figure launch.

Does The Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Really Work?

Jeff Walkers launch is based on building creditability with your audience, which is always the best practice for any new online marketer. So, yes it does work, if you are willing to work. There are great mentors out there who can help you with launching a product and starting an online business, but there are no magic bullets, no poof and your done, kinda of formulas. As with anything successful, it takes work and dedication. People can offer you help and tips and allow you to learn from their mistakes, so you can reach your goals faster, but the end result is still up to you and how much you are willing work to reach your goals. If you look at most successful people, they all have one thing in common, they are hard working and dedicated and never give up.

Should I get help?

Creating a successful product launch on your own is very possible. There are many resources for learning all of the systems needed and strategies, including Jeff’s product launch program. Keep in mind that this will take time on your part, you will need to be prepared to use your spare time, digging into these resources and learning exactly what to do and how to make it successful. This can be an awarding way of launching your first product and it usually cost less, so if you have more time than money, then doing it on your own, is certainly the best way.

If you are someone who does not have time to learn all of the systems and processes and strategies and would rather have someone who has experience in product launches, on your team then you may want to consider hiring a product launch expert. We here at Strategic Business Innovations have been helping clients with product launches for over 1o years and would love to talk to you about your product launch and goals. You can click here to request a Free consultation.

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