Grow Your Business by Renewing Your Passion

Do you remember when you first started your business how excited and psyched you were? You had a passion and excitement about all of the things you were going to achieve and had ideas spinning in your head, your heart was jumping for joy and you felt like nothing could stop you from your business destiny.  Then after a few months went by that passion started to dwindle and the fire just wasn’t the same. you may have thought to yourself, is this really what I should be doing? I am doing something wrong? Why don’t I feel as excited and happy about this business, as I did to begin with? I am here to let you know, this is very normal and doesn’t mean that you should give up or that this is not the path you should be on. It just simply means you need to renew that same passion you had in the beginning.

Think about a new relationship, when you first meet someone and you are starting to get to know them and find out how much you have in common and how you have waited so long to find a person just like this. You could spend hours just looking into their eyes and talking on the phone with them, you want to be with them every waking moment of the day. We have all experienced that passion in our personal lives and we also experience it when we first start our business, it’s like a new relationship and makes us all googli-eyed and gives us butterflies in our stomach. Those wonderful feeling don’t last forever, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t still love that person, or don’t want the relationship any longer, it just means we need to renew that passion and remember why we fell in love with them to begin with.

The same way that we work on renewing and re-sparking that passion in our relationships and marriages, is exactly how we can renew that passion for our business. In relationships we do things like date nights and vacations away together to reconnect. You can create a date night in your business world too, by doing things like taking an hour to just reflect on why you started your business, what your goals were, why it was important to you. Write down these things and then go back over them and write beside each one, how you have achieved these things, like if you started your business to help people, then think about all the people who have been helped by what you do and how happy that made them. Write down which goals in the beginning that you have achieved already and which ones you are still working on. Another way I like to renew my passion is by listening to other successful small business owners talk about their business and their passion and achievements. Just listening to someone else who has that passion is very contagious, it will jump off onto you and help you to get back that beginning relationship feeling, about your business. Good resources for this, are attending Webinars, or small business networking events. This can also help you make new connections for business.

Start today getting back that passion and renewing your mind, you will see a big difference in your life and in your business. Also, this time of renews can also bring about some amazing revelations and new ideas that you didn’t think of before, but now that you have been working in your business for a while, you have a better handle on what you are doing, then you did in the beginning and this can really shed some light on new ways you can grow your small business, make more money, renew that passion and fall in love with your business again.